Friday, February 08, 2013

Jay's 36er

Yes, it's beige. Yes, it uses 36" wheels. Other than that, it's a totally normal frameset!

Geometry is basically my "minimum size" 36er design that "fits" most people under 6'4" or so (ie it's as small as you can make a 36er without running into toe overlap or other problems). I have been getting a lot of questions about 36er geometry so perhaps this will be helpful to some folks.

-Head tube is at 69 degrees, with a 510mm axle to crown, 95mm rake fork. That generates about a 75mm trail number. Front center is 71.3cm.
-62cm/24.5" effective toptube, though on a bike like this (super odd HTA and fork rake) that number is nigh-meaningless.
-Seat tube is at an effective 73 degrees, curved a ton for tire clearance. It's 19.5" center-top, which allows the toptube to line up nicely with the seatstays (I've been told this looks very cool. As I'm about as uncool as a person can be, I'll reserve comment and just say that if it's cool to you, it's cool to me).
-BB height is 12" (that's 155mm drop, which requires some modifications of the Anvil J-man fixture to achieve)
-Chainstays are 51cm, and we're using an 83mm BB shell. You can run a full (3x9/10) or 1x drivetrain but Jay will probably just run a 2x crank and leave the chain on the 24t most of the time.
-Tubing is mostly TT Supertherm with some .035" 4130 thrown in. Paragon low mount dropouts, Deda S-bend chainstays.

Yes, I swept the floor. Hell is freezing over as we speak.


Brad said...

You really should put a heater or some form of passive heating in that garage.

Anonymous said...

Nice!!! hopefully he'll share pics when buit.


Matt said...

I've got a great deal on tires ;)

Anonymous said...

At what point will a person no longer "fit" on a 36er? Is there a height limit, like on a roller coaster ride? At 5'8", would I be able to ride a 36er? (not race, just ride).