Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bean on wheels!

No, no bike content. But, um, push-quad content? And brakeless, rigid, and wooden to boot. All the hipsters will be delivering Jimmy John's on these next year.

Wheels are 4", which is the ideal size between 650b and, um, zero. All the traction of solid rubber tires and all the efficiency of no bearings and a hair tie to slow the wheels down.

Seems like just a month ago he was just starting to crawl... oh wait, it was.


steveo said...

Its good to see the Bean back on his feet.

Anonymous said...

What, no helmet !?!?

Keep on truckin', little Bean.


J H said...

New market? Handmade Waltworks baby strollers!

Perkins Blair said...

The little chap is busy with his bike. It starts from such humble beginnings. Give him till teenage and you will see a bike rider capable of fixing bike exhaust..