Friday, December 14, 2012

Let's be honest...

...and just agree that being a framebuilder (assuming you've kinda managed to pull it off and make enough money to pay the bills) is a dream job. You get to make your own hours. You get to experiment with weird and interesting bikes, you get to build and design stuff, and you've got access for dirt cheap to all the coolest new parts. Yes, the hours can suck if you don't plan ahead and when you screw up, it's all on you, but it's still a dream job.

So there are really only a couple of things that suck. This is one: after you build enough bikes you will start getting emails constantly from people you built bikes for who are having cool adventures and going on trips to places you've never been. Like, at least one set of awesome pictures shows up every week at this point. I'm sitting in front of a computer, waiting to go out into my unheated shop and cut up metal (as usual, I forgot to bring in my respirator, so when I put that on to weld I'll get to feel all the frozen snot melting against my face) and I get this from Kimberly:


Chile and Argentina on the Waltworks

Great adventure. Bike was perfect!
Thanks again!


Corey said...

Where is that?!?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Chile and Argentina, as stated in the text above?

Eric Wever said...

Whoa! What's up with those seat stays? Are they made out of toothpicks???