Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holidaze 2012

Holiday info for folks waiting for stuff:

-I should be picking up everything at the powdercoater today and shipping it tomorrow. Exactly when things will show up at your door I don't know, though, since it's a crazy time of year to ship. As always you'll get a tracking number when I ship.

-I will be dropping off some stuff at the powdercoater but I don't expect them to have anything done until early January, so if your frame is headed to powder don't get too excited just yet.

-We'll be out of town (visiting family and friends in Boulder) from December 25th-29th. I probably won't answer emails or phone calls during that time but then again I might. If you have questions feel free to email them and I'll get to them when I get back. If you want to consult with me on the phone please wait until after I'm back (feel free to leave a voicemail)

-Don't expect any blogging action. Boulder just got a decent dump of snow so there probably won't be any riding going on, and I'm sure you guys have minimal interest in holiday photos, so no blogging until we're snowed in and bored.

Appropos of nothing, here's Pat's bike with his new rigid fork. Pat is a very big dude so those fork blades are actually lightweight *steerer tubes*.

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Luis G. said...

Drool... so ready for an update!