Saturday, December 08, 2012


Off to the powdercoater she goes.

Geometry breakdown:
-53.3cm/21" seat tube at an effective 74 degrees, with some curviness for tire clearance. Takes a 31.6 dropper (or non-dropper) post.
-64cm/25.2 effective toptube and 71.1cm front center. Curvy swervy.
-69 degree head tube angle, for a tapered steerer 100mm travel fork
-31cm BB height with 2.3" tires
-41cm actual/40.5cm effective chainstays with 70mm of tire clearance (yes, you can run a Weirwolf with the wheel slammed). Paragon sliders. S-bendy everywhere for heel clearance and narcissism.
-Tubing is True Temper Supertherm for the front triangle (yes, you can bend them, if you are willing to put in the time) and then some Deda chainstays plus TT seatstays.
-111.3cm/43.8" wheelbase

Adam wanted something that would both steer quicker than his current setup and do well if he moves from TX to the Front range of CO. Hence: short rear end to float/jump/fly, slack front end for some higher speed stability, and nice beefy tubing (the frame is almost 6 pounds!) to handle Adam's considerable size. It'll handle anything he wants to throw at it, will get around in the tight stuff about as well as anything can for someone Adam's size, and should handle the fast/rough stuff of CO well too. Or at least that's the plan - only Adam will know for sure if we succeeded.


JKersting said...

Is that a curved top tube??? Looks spiffy.

Adam Crain said...

I can't wait!