Tuesday, October 02, 2012


...is available to me for preorder now, for November (supposedly) delivery. If you are a frame customer and you're interested in this (warning, it is not cheap) kit, please email me for details.

I am personally pretty excited about the idea of ditching the front derailleur without giving up a super wide gear range. I am not so excited about the cost, but I bet some of you early adopters out there won't blink an eye.

If you're not a frame customer, sorry, I can't help you out, please don't bother me.


dicky said...

Don't forget to remind them about the hubba hubba 11spd hub they're gonna need.

mike said...

Is it SRM compatible? Seriously, I would be tempted, but I like my Chris King hub too much. Angry Bee!

jgerhardt said...

That new hub is the kicker right now... Only a few manufacturers will have one available at the start (and neither Chris King nor White industries will be one of them).

Walt said...

Hey, hey now!

All good points. I'm just putting it out there. FWIW, I like my 1x9 just fine. But for, say, Sarah, who hates her front derailleur but needs a wider range of gears, this might be just the ticket.

240s hubs FTW... almost 10 years and still going strong.

dicky said...

FYI: Industry Nine will be making a compatible freehub that will fit on their existing wheels/hubs... for @ $80.

that guy said...

Or just go with 1x10 for 1/3 of the price, in any flavor you want.