Monday, October 22, 2012

Random announcements: forks

I am way too sick to do useful work in the shop today (and managed to be bedridden through the entire nice Indian-summer fall weekend that we just had, darnit) so I'm updating some random pages on the website.

News! Some changes to custom forks:
-I'm now offering a 1.5 steerer (note that this is NOT a tapered steerer - it is 1.5 all the way up) for an extra $75.
-For those interested in running a rigid fork on their frame designed for a tapered steerer, I recommend a King adapter baseplate ($20). I'm happy to install one on your fork before it ships, and you'll be able to swap back and fork with zero hassle.
-Road forks (with segmented/tig welded crowns) are now available.
-24mm axle (Maverick hub) option is now available for an extra $75. 
-Pricing has not changed ($300 without a frame or $250 with) for the base model custom fork.

Apropos of nothing, here's a picture Matt sent me of his bike in the Laguna mtns. 

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