Friday, October 05, 2012

A fascinating look at framebuilding - with numbers!

A fellow in the UK named Matt Wilkinson did a neat survey of US framebuilders (I was not surveyed) recently and I thought I'd post some of the more interesting bits. For those who want to read the entire 45 page thesis (? I'm actually not sure what genre of writing it is) you can read it here:

Following are some of the more interesting survey responses, presented without comment. Maybe I'll post some reactions tomorrow. Click on the images to see them bigger/clearer/actually legible.


Steven Shand said...

It's a really interesting read. Matt's a good guy and is a good framebuilder himself, picking up an award at last years Bespoked handbuilt show in the UK. Last I spoke to him, his main job was brazing Bromptons.

Meriwether said...

Thanks for posting this, I may give the whole thing a read now.
I'm really surprised to see that the majority started to sell after only making 1-3 frames! I can't even imagine charging for the crap I built at that point! Maybe they just paid for materials? hmm.