Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's missing?

There is something important missing from both Kevin's frame and my spiffy new Bakfiets (I've been told this term is pretentious, so it's "cargo bike" from now on...)

Can you spot the missing bits?

Yes, Kevin's frame won't be going far without a toptube, but since I've been sucked into the tube-bending vortex of doom, I agreed to do a curved one - and lo and behold, the diameter we want is the only size of roller I don't have. So until the rollers show up from Swag... this is all there is.

And the bak... cargo bike? Nothing is funnier than riding around town with a huge pack full of groceries on a cargo bike with no cargo carrying capacity. I goofed and didn't order in the tubes to build the platform (which will have lots of attachment points for all sorts of stuff) so while it's rideable and quite sily, it still does not carry cargo. I do get about 20 double-takes per ride in SLC on it, though. In Boulder I think people would just yell things like "Nice cargo-less Bakfiets, you moron!"

Rollers and tubes are in the mail, so hopefully these will both be wrapped up soon.


Miguelito said...

That bike is awesome. Any orders for more of em?

Miguelito said...

How does it steer?