Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Waitlist updates and the schedule for the rest of the summer

So, to recap my crazy summer:

-We had a baby in April, and he is crazy and takes up a ton of time.

-We're moving to Utah at the start of August and I have to move a bunch of huge pieces of machinery along with all our other possessions.

And the coup de grace: We have 6 weddings to attend between now and the end of August (5 of them before we move; many of them requiring airplane travel and long weekends).

So here's the story for folks on the waitlist:

-I will definitely finish Celeste and possibly also Charles before the move takes priority. Everyone further down the list will be getting their frame built in UT starting in mid-August. I believe I will manage to keep everyone's wait to the 6 month estimate, but it's not a sure thing.

-New fork orders will NOT be built until I'm in Utah, so late August is the earliest you could get a fork if you order one now.

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