Monday, June 25, 2012

No more bikes for fast people

So I went out and tested my flabby new-parent legs on the climb up from the bottom of Doudy Draw to the top of Springbrook this morning at like 5am, when the temperature was less than 100 degrees. I figured I'd see how fast I could do it, but without absolutely killing myself. Keep in mind that I'm used to basically getting off the couch and being faster than everybody uphill.

It took a smidge over 11 minutes. I figured 12 was fast, so I was happy, since I've been on the couch for most of the last 6 months.

Then I got home and realized someone might have STRAVA'd that bit.

Dave, I hate you. Give back that bike I built you. Now I have to go do the damn climb again or maybe get back in shape. Or just call it good and hope for the big fish/small pond effect in Utah...

Edit: fixed the Strava link.


Dave said...

I'm curious about the Strava bit, but you have the same weather URL in both links :-)

Ed said...

Strava, meh:

"Strava is temporarily unavailable
while we perform some maintenance

Our engineering team is busy making improvements to Strava. We should be back in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience."


Dave H said...

Hah! As a recent parent this is what I'm left with. I would'a been slaughtered on the Winter Park Hill climb this year so I find a punky little local climb (I can't even break into the top 10 on the Betasso connector) and spend my lunches trying to get the KOMs...

By the way the bike rocks!

mike said...

Walt, are you on strava?