Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The dreaded price increase

Yep, as of June 1st, the base frame price is going up to $1400. This is for *new* orders, not folks already in line. If you want to get in at the $1300 price, you've got about a week to get me your deposit.

Pricing for the Waltworks "framebuilding/vacation experience" package has yet to be firmed up, but if you're interested in that for 2013 (I will not be offering it in 2012) the price will be about $2000 for the frame, and you'll probably be required to get most or all of your build kit through me (so complete bikes will range from about $3500 up). That price will not include airfare or lodging but it will include 20 hours of shop time with me, spread over the course of one 5-day week, complete assembly and tuning of your new bike (and subsequent disassembly/powdercoating when you're ready to leave) and plenty of free time to ride the excellent trails on your bike or any of mine that will fit you. If you are interested, whether because you just want to see how I build a frame, or because you are thinking of building frames yourself, or you just want a cool vacation, please contact me well in advance, as I am only planning to accept 2-4 customers the first year.

More details on that will be forthcoming after we've made the transition to Salt Lake City in August.

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