Sunday, May 06, 2012


Once again, a bike I wish was mine, but it won't even vaguely fit (seat tube too short, toptube too long, the usual story). A singlespeed (or 1x9) for shredding up the east coast or the west, wherever Chris decides to move (he might be headed to my home state of NM!)

In any case, here's the basics:
-70.5 HTA, 134mm head tube, set up for a tapered steerer 100mm travel fork. Toss a 120 (or a TALAS) on there and you're at about 69.5.
-72 (effective) seat tube angle, curved for tire clearance, 50cm center-top. I tend to do a fairly subtle curve on these (so far) - just enough for the necessary tire clearance. Does it look cool enough? Hell, I don't know. I wouldn't know "cool" if someone hit me over the head with it...
-12.4" bb height
-42cm (actual, 41.5 effective) chainstays with generous clearance for a 2.4"+ tire (yes, that means you could go shorter if you didn't need to fit such huge rubber)
-Paragon sliders and S-bends
-Built from mostly True Temper Supertherm with some Deda chainstays and a 4130 seat tube thrown in. Beefcake!

And please note, the frame isn't quite done, no need to comment on the lack of brake bridge, brazeons, bottle bosses, etc.


Reid said...

Isn't that frame missing a brake bridge, braze-ons, bottle bosses, etc.?

Eric Wever said...

Yes Walt, The curve looks just right. Maybe even 'cool'.