Thursday, May 17, 2012


You asked for it, Jonathan, you got it. This is officially the most boring frame I've ever built (I kid, I kid...)

73/73 angles. Just like the homeless guy on the 1974 Schwinn at the park.
41cm chainstays. Just like the packfill lycra bandit who just ran a red light in front of you on his $15k Cervelo.
Built for standard road caliper brakes. Ok, I pushed the rear mount up a tad to make room for slightly bigger tires if Jonathan ever wants... but still, just like, um every road bike on the planet.
Takes a 27.2 seatpost. If you want to be cool these days, you need a 30.9 Reverb dropper, baby! WAY better for confidence descending those twisty roads!
1 1/8 head tube. Everyone knows tapered is where it's at, duh. Jonathan probably won't even be able to steer with a flexy 1 1/8" steerer. Sheesh. I bet if you sent me back in time with a tapered steerer I could beat Cipo AND Pantani on their noodle-bikes.
68mm English BB shell. See comments above about tapered steerers, just substitute your choice of BB30/90/92/etc.

The cool thing, as usual, is hopefully the fit and handling for Jonathan, who is all legs. 62cm seat tube and... 57cm toptube? Whoa! That's what I'm talking about. Plus, thanks to a shortage at Paragon, he's got cool stainless dropouts.

Hopefully I have not offended him too much...

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JKersting said...

Boring=Awesome! Can't wait to throw a leg over it. If it's half as snappy, comfy and fun as my WW hardtail it's going to rule!