Thursday, March 22, 2012

Too sexy

I am told that the article that Eszter wrote about me some time ago has been published in Dirt Rag (article is only available in the print edition, I think). I have yet to see it (I'm writing from the airport my private jet yacht, but I'm told that they used the wrong pictures - there's apparently some grungy looking semi-balding guy in there who IS NOT ME. Let me repeat, that person does not even vaguely resemble me. I do not even know that I would admit to being acquainted with such an unsavory character.

Here's a picture to allow you to easily identify me when seeking an autograph or my healing touch for your paralysis, blindness, or restless leg syndrome.


Ed said...

You have skinny legs.


dicky said...

Got it in my messenger bag for today's potty break.

NickS said...

No. Its available in the iPad download version as well.

Nearly blinded me.

JKersting said...

It's a sweet article! I'm glad that Dirt Rag is putting some focus on small builders. I might even write a letter to the editor r;-)

Anonymous said...

Walt, nice write up. I got my print issue today. I haven't checked DR's website.