Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just in time for... spring?

Dave's new fat frame/fork (the sweet, sweet 250g stem is all mine) - just in time for all the snow to melt off (plus Dave's in the throes of finishing his PhD - why is it that I seem to build bikes for so many people who are smarter than me?)

In any case, as usual, a quick geometry breakdown:
-71/73 angles
-62cm toptube, 52cm seat tube, 14.3cm head tube
-12.4" BB height, 45.5cm chainstays
-For a 150x12 maxle rear hub. I actually think a 170mm rear is the way to go in the future, but for the maxle option, this was also a good choice.
-Clearance for 115mm tires (a BFL will fit, depending on the rim a bit)
-Sort-of s-bend stays (only minimal bending could be done to keep the tire clearance we wanted, so it's fairly subtle)
-Rack mounts front and rear.

Yep, it's a fatbike! The fork on this baby is long enough that you can install an 80mm travel 29er fork (and 29er wheels) and it'll do an able job as a "normal" mountain bike as well, if Dave wants to roll without the fatties. I imagine it would look a little silly, but it could be fun.

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