Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smart Money 2012

Ok, yesterday was the Dream Build. Most of us aren't about to spend $5-6k on a bike, so today's build is the "smart money" setup - the best stuff that doesn't cost a fortune. This isn't a cheap bike, by any means, but nobody is going to look at it and laugh at you for your 92 gram unpadded carbon fiber saddle, either.

Without further ado:

Frame: Waltworks Custom (we'll assume Johnny Cash black, because "smart" money don't care about color, yo. Add $900 for FS version)
Fork: Fox F100 15mm RLC
Headset: King (black)
Stem: Thomson X4
Handlebar: Easton EC70 or Haven Carbon
Shifters: X-9
Front derailleur: XT or X9 direct mount
Rear derailleur: X-9
Chain: PC1051
Cassette: XT
Crankset: XT
Pedals: None
Seatpost: Thomson Elite
Brakes: Magura MT-2
Skewers: Bolt-on rear, front 15mm
Wheelset: 240s hubs/any Stan's rims
Tubes: Quart of Stan's slime
Tires: Ignitor front/rear
Grips/tape: WCS
Saddle: Speed V pro

The Damage: $3500, or $4400 for the FS version.


Dave said...

Weight guesstimate? I recall 21-ish for the Dream.

Also, being a dirtbag myself, is the dirtbag build next?

Walt said...

I'd guess an extra 2 pounds for that $2k, so call it 23 or 24.

Dirtbag build, coming up...

josh said...

How much (if any) would you save on going 1x10?

Also, I'll have to check out the Magura MT-2s. I've been using Avid BB7's, but have been looking for a good hydro.

Francois said...

Any reason why you moved from Avid Elixir to Magura ?

Walt said...

Hey Josh -

1x10 would save you maybe $50 - not much, since you'd need a non-ramped front chainring, front derailleurs are cheap, and OEM shifters tend to come as a set. And most people would want a Paul or MRP chain retention device - so it's actually a wash.

Francois -

I have installed some of the MT Maguras on a few bikes lately and been *really* impressed with them. They are cheaper than the Avids, lighter than the Avids, and seem to work better as well. What's not to like?