Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Finally done, now that I have seatstays (I apparently need to learn the "order WAY in advance" lesson over and over again when it comes to frame tubing...)

Quick rundown for the curious and bored. Ok, really, you guys are all just bored:
-71.5 HTA, 72 STA
-42cm chainstays (adjusts up to 44cm with the sliders)
-Non suspension corrected, for a 425mm/43mm rake rigid fork
-60cm toptube, 42cm seat tube
-12" BB height
-S-bends, singlespeed specific

Pretty much an "updated for the modern world" version of Reven's old suspension-corrected v-brake singlespeed from 7 or so years ago. Interestingly, the frame is under 4 pounds, which has to be close to a record for me for frames with sliders. Of course, there's no paint on it yet (Reven is going to do something wild, I think).

And yes, the frame is sitting on a pretty beat up changing table that Sarah's brother gave us. Nothing is cooler than posing your frames on an old changing table. I rock.


steve garro said...

I was going to say something about your oneupsmanship on the "framebuilders with sucky pics" front,as I figured you had to hunt for that background for the arms race.
Duly noted, Sir - Duly noted......

Walt said...

Oh, bring it on! No way are you going to beat the 8 year old baby changing table (probably from WalMart) with missing knobs and little cute animal stickers!

David Nice said...

sweet, looking forward to Rev's paintjob and seeing the bike in the flesh come march

Reven Marie Swanson said...

YEAH!! And yes, the powder coat will be cool... and very different. Photos to come. Thanks, Walt. I'm very excited.

Reven Marie Swanson said...

The new bike comes home from the powder coater's tomorrow. Last Friday I spent three hours custom painting over the first colors.