Thursday, December 08, 2011

Waiting to finish up Guillaume's Fatbike

Yes, Nick, it's fat rear (and front) Thursday. Featuring Guillaume's fatbike front triangle, a couple of terrible pictures, and some rambling thoughts from someone who does not really ride fatbikes much but has built maybe a dozen of them.

Guillaume's is a new-wave fatbike - it'll have clearance for the 115mm Big Fat Larry (yikes, that's a lot of rubber!) accomplished partially by some careful chainstay manipulation and partially by offsetting the entire crank out to something like a 70mm chainline. To compensate, it's also using a 170mm rear hub (thank, Anvil, for making a dummy axle for such a beast!)

For those folks wondering about the geometry, it's nothing crazy, except that Guillaume has legs that go up to his elbows (he's 5'9" tall and runs his saddle at 79cm! Holy cow!)
-71 HTA, 73 STA.
-22.8" toptube, 19.2" seat tube (yes, superfreaky)
-45cm chainstays, 12" BB, built for a Fatback carbon fork
-Clearance for some godawful huge tires, set up as a 1x9 or SS
-Nice Paragon low mount dropouts to keep the disc caliper out of the way of the rack mounts.

There are a bunch of bikes on my *personal* wish list - geared hardtail race bike (yeah, like I'll be racing once the Bean is born...), FS race bike (ditto), 36er (waiting to get some decent rims/tires in the pipeline), new townie (that will still go when the mercury drops below freezing), and maybe even a cargo bike. Alas, none of them will fit in my limited shop/garage space, so all of those projects are on the indefinite back burner.

So why not a fatbike? I do love to ride in the snow, after all. Here's the problem: Boulder does not have the kind of snow you'd want to ride a fatbike on. We have periodic big dumps of slushy junk that partially melt, then turn into ice - almost never the consistent, packed or semi-packed (or at least consistent depth - it's always windy here too) snow that you'd need to enjoy riding a fatbike. So, alas, no fatbike for me, unless I move somewhere with consistent snow and packed trails of some kind.

But I enjoy building them anyway, and sending them off for people to enjoy, all while cursing the mud and ice on the trails here.


Guillaume said...

Mouahahaha! It looks so good!

The crank is on its way. So you gonna be able to do some tests!!!

Merci beaucoup pour cette update.

NickS said...

Teller farm today on the cross bike. It was either hard pack or big drifts. Fat bike would have been perfect.

Mind you, did pretty well on the cross bike to be fair.

inthewoods said...

Seems like caribou ranch and camp dick would be ok for fatbikes. Maybe the uppermost trails at white ranch.

Anonymous said...

I think some of the new knobby big tires might be fun the decomposed granite/moto trails down in the South Platte area.

Walt said...

ANY bike is fun on crushed granite trails like Cap'n Jacks!

There are probably some trails around here that would be rideable on a fatbike - but they pretty much all would require driving. And I basically don't drive. So no fatbike for me...

Fat before fat was Phat. said...

Fat bikes rock the chunk too! Probably not what you have in Boulder, but get out and explore the world!

MIClyde said...

that 36er...when the tires and rims are better, is on my next WALT list.

MI Clyde