Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holy Head Tube!

Randy is a very tall (6' 6") guy. He's one of only a couple of people this entire year who I've built a frame for that I am not big enough to comfortably ride (for reference, the biggest person I've ever built for is 7' and 400#!)

The rear end of the bike looks *tiny* behind that 8.5" long head tube! And Randy is still going to need spacers to get his bars to saddle height! But it's not small in any other dimension either:

-71 HTA, 73 STA, 27" effective toptube!
-21.7" seat tube!
-465mm chainstays (that's at the *front* of the slot - they'll go back as far as 485mm)
-13.3" BB height for 190mm cranks
-Built for an 80mm suspension corrected rigid fork (and possibly down the road, a tapered steerer fork) with an insanely long steerer (I'm leaving it uncut at 14" and letting Randy figure out how much to cut off...)
-True Temper Supertherm front triangle (beefy!) and Deda S-bend chainstays (also beefy) with some oversized hand-bent 19mm (I usually use 16mm) seatstays.
-Internal cable routing, Paragon sliders, downtube cable routing for gears in the event that Randy wants to run them.
-Probably will be close to 6 pounds by the time it's back from the powdercoater.

This might be the biggest frame I've built this year.


steve garro said...

I guess you should roll out you "best of 2011" - smallest, bigggest, wierdest........

My biggest = 27.5" TT
paragon 170mm HT
39.5" standover.
size 15 shoe.

mike said...

how many water bottle cages? :)

Joey B said...

I'm 6'6" and my bike (built by you) is half that size! 5" HT 26" ETT.

One thing to keep in mind when building for tall folks is the CS doesn't need to be longer than *normal*. I just got a Kona Honzo w/ 16.3" CS and it climbs like a mountain goat! Long stays only help if you have a slacker ST and during seated climbing. Once you stand up, fagettaboutit.