Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Bean is (going to be) a Boy

Many blog readers already know this, but Sarah and I are expecting our first child in April. Today, we found out that "the Bean" will be a boy, which is pretty neat, and also makes it/him quite a bit less abstract (and hence, much more terrifying...)

In any case, you needn't fear that the blog will become nonstop baby idiocy. I promise. But I do want everyone to keep in mind that in the April-May timeframe, I may be working very intermittently as the Bean's emergence will probably take up quite a bit of my energy. I do not think this will affect anyone currently on the waitlist, but you never know. I'm going to do my best to get ahead a bit in anticipation, of course, but I ask for your patience in advance, especially when it comes to answering emails and phone calls in that time period.

As an aside, WW team stud Nick Stevens and his lovely wife Diana are expecting twins (one boy, one girl) just a few weeks before us. Can you say "epic rivalry at 2035 UCI Worlds?"

I will update this post with a few annoying ultrasound images later this afternoon. Those folks who are friends with Sarah on Facebook can see them there, too.


Rusty said...

Congratulations Walt and Sarah! I remember when we first found out the sex (F) and received "that" classic ultrasound image! Wow it sure made it real for us too. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy/birth. All our best wishes go out to you and Sarah and Pea (bean) to be! Rusty, Natasha, Lucy and Ed.

eddie said...

That's Great! Congratulations Walt and Sarah!
Best Wishes, Eddie

Unknown said...

Wow, congrats. I finished my Ph.D. last May. It's a long haul, and forces postponement of many things. I hope this feels like a reward for both of you.

On another note, Walt, the fork you built me is the best I've ever ridden. Thanks. I recommend you to everyone.

PS We exchanged emails about sci fi novels a while back. I read the Hugo award winner this year "Blackout/All Clear" by Connie Willis. Good stuff. I also read "Fifth Planet" by Fred Hoyle. Interesting reads both. Did I recommend "The Black Cloud" to you before? Hoyle was an eccentric character. There were interesting ideas in his balding pate, even if they were a bit odd.

Colin Brinkman
Proud Waltworks fork owner

Eric Wever said...

Congratulations Walt!

Diana said...

Wow, congrats guys!!! So exciting! We can have our own little Waltworks team play group! Is anyone ordering team onesies?

Invisible Hand said...

Congratulations! Having a baby will make you old and young at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Walt and Sarah,

Congratulations to you both! You will all have a great adventure together.


steve garro said...

WOW! right on you guys. Congratulations on the new family member! - Garro.

steve-o said...

congratulations!! we just had our bean 8 months ago, also a boy. its awesome!

chris said...

Custom tricycle? Strider?

Congrats man!

LeeAB said...

I can't wait to see the trailer with the rocking bassinet.

Green Path Cycles said...

Congrats, Walt! You're in for a big adventure.

Best wishes,