Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maintain radio silence!

Y'all may have noticed that the blog is pretty slow recently. There's a reason for that - as some of you know, my wife is a huge nerd (who will probably kill me if she ever finds out I posted a link to that bio from 10 years ago). In any case, she is finishing her PhD dissertation (she studies proteins related to telomeres using NMR, among other things).

Why should you care? Well, because while Sarah is in freak-out mode finishing her PhD, yours truly is in cooking/cleaning/nagging Sarah to actually sleep mode. This leaves limited time blogging after work, and hence you can expect less posting until mid-November (the defense!)


Hassan said...

Go Sarah, Go!

And hang in there Walt.

Anonymous said...

Telomeres, great article on them in recent Scientific American. Way cooler than big fat old 36'r tires and rusty steel tubes. You should post the long are your telomeres??????