Monday, September 26, 2011

Simply Sublime Singlespeed Studio Shots for Stu

Ok, not a studio. Actually a fence. And sublime is a great overstatement of my photography skills.

I'm about as under the weather as I can be (a trip to Costco *in the car* turned out to be all I could handle and then some...) so I did very minimal work today, but I did manage to finish up Stu's frame and fork. A bit of a break from the norm (ie, 29ers) for me - this is a *singlespeed road* frame. In fact, come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever done one before. Track bikes? Sure. Fixies? Yes. But SS road? Nope.

I've only even ridden on the road on a singlespeed once - a Carter Lake ride with Adam and the Avery boys. Man, it was a butt kicking. I had my mountain bike with something like a 48x16, and a little 1.5" slick on the back, but a 2.5 Weirwolf on the front. I sat up like a big skinny sail and threw out just about the biggest draft in history. Then we rolled back to the brewery for stage 2 (the Carter Lake ride is ~70 miles), and they drank me under the table (actually, it only took about a pint at that point).

So, long story short, I have fond memories of my one and only singlespeed road ride. I hope this bike helps Stu create some great memories of his own.


Dave said...

Looks great. I like the fork a lot.

So you haven't done SS cross bikes either? Although some might take umbrage to this, a cross bike is only a tire change away from being a road bike.

Walt said...

Actually, I've done several SS 'cross bikes, and you're right, those are really pretty close to being road bikes anyway. So it's not *that* weird, I guess.