Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Picture for Phil, fork updates

First, a quick picture for Phil. Yep, I was too lazy to pose the frame anywhere more exciting than the top of the recycle bin. C'est la vie.

As usual, I'll do a quick run-through of the geometry for those who are curious:
71/73 angles, built around a Fox 100mm travel fork
59.5cm toptube, 37cm seat tube, 42.5cm (effective) chainstays
30.5cm BB height with 2.1" tires and fork sag
Direct mount front derailleur, built for discs and full gears, etc, etc.

This is basically my standard XC geometry (angle-wise, that is) and yes, it's boring. But boring can be good - this is the geometry that works pretty well for most people on most terrain. Is it what I ride? Not really, but that's not the point. I think Phil will be psyched!

Now, on a less fun note - those folks who have forks on order, or are thinking of ordering a fork (or have a frame/fork combo in the queue)- be aware that I'm all out of my nice OXPLATMSRD-LT steerer tubes, and I've been waiting several months now for True Temper to fill my order for a couple more boxes. That means nothing in some cases - I use a different steerer for bigger and/or abusive riders. But it probably affects at least 80% of the people in line. I can't build any forks for you guys until I get those steerers (well, I can, but they'll have 100g of extra metal sitting there doing nothing useful). Should I have planned ahead better? Probably. But I did make the order *months* in advance, for a pretty popular and widely-used part, so to some extent this is also bad luck.

In any case, I apologize to everyone who is waiting on a fork. I'll do my best to harass TT into getting them to me as quickly as possible.

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Phil said...

Looks sweet Walt!! You could have posed it on the toilet and I would still be psyched! Considering what I have been riding, I will be far from bored going to this one!