Saturday, August 06, 2011

Congrats to Eszter!

Yes, she took a DAY off of her old record!!!

Now, all you bike industry people out there - don't you think Eszter needs someone to pay her to ride her bike at this point? I mean, the Waltworks sponsorship is great, but seriously - she's one of the best female long-distance mountain bikers *ever*. She writes an awesome blog. She lives in CB and lives the life, she's friendly as all get-out - this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. This girl needs some real sponsors, instead of some guy who builds bikes in a garage. Step up, and drop her a line.


MIClyde said...

incredible...way to go. The phone should be ringing for some big deals, wow.

Anonymous said...

Well said Walt. Congrats Eszter. That was a heck of a ride in an event that brought lots of people to their knees early.

Anonymous said...

The two biggest "sponsored" riders, one of them with zero results over the past 2 years, quit one day in. They pretty much suck.

Eszter rocks. Go check out the LT100 chat over at fatcyclist. We all need to start a grassroots campaign to get her tons of free equipment and into the right races.

Just think how much time she could have scratched off the record and maybe even the top men if she were not "forced" to rider a steel boat anchor. I kid. I too love steel, just not on race day.

I've said it for some time, I think she is one of the top 10 elite women in the U.S. Bar none.

Eszter said...

Man Walt, I didn't know you wanted to kick me off the Dream Team that badly! I see how it is.

I know I show up to races with dirty bikes and all, but I was hoping that using your UV-curing method of removing dirt was at least marginally acceptable. ;)

I love my bikes. They ride awesome. And in the end, I think that a bike that I love and am stoked to ride is far more important than anything else.

Now, if you could rustle me up a Shimano/Fox/Chris King sponsorship, I wouldn't argue. :)

reimund said...

Eszter ist eine Spitzensportlerin und Person, ein Diamant

Craig said...

Agreed! I've never met Eszter, but she obviously has the right stuff. Congrats, Eszter, on an amazing feat!