Monday, August 15, 2011

Another chance - maybe, for more trails in Boulder

Time to get involved, folks.

-Click here to email the OSBT and City Council (it's a BMA page, you'll be asked to copy a list of email addresses into your mail client). The BMA has a nice list of talking points to use, but don't just copy and paste.

-Show up at Wednesday's OSBT meeting 8/17 at 6pm at the Utility Maintenance Center, 5050 Pearl Street. City council will meet on this topic on Tuesday, September 6th.

We got completely shut down on the west TSA, but IMO the OSBT is open to considering the Anemone Hill area for some trails (as of now, it's a bunch of rutted out social trails, homeless campsites, and garbage, so if we can't get a trail there, we can't get one anywhere...) So this is well worth your time, even if you're burned out/pissed off about the West TSA.

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