Monday, August 08, 2011

Al's 36er, complete!

It almost looks like a trials bike with the in-line seatstays and toptube. Pretty neat looking bike, and hopefully it'll be super fun to ride, too. Interestingly, because it's pretty small (and I've figured some stuff out every time I build one to simplify things) I think this is the lightest 36er frame I've done - about 5.5 pounds (that's mostly due to the fact that it was small enough that I was able to use a butted downtube, rather than straightgauge). Of course, once you add the ~20 pounds of wheels and tires, it's not going to end up being a light bike, so the weight is pretty irrelevant, really.


Matt B. said...

That looks awesome! What color will it be?

Al, make sure you send Walt some build pics so we can have the privilege of seeing those, as well. I'm sure it'll be a great ride.

Brad said...

Looks great, can't wait to see it finished!