Tuesday, July 19, 2011


After a 20 hour travel day that included driving, sitting around, driving, sitting around, flying, sitting, flying, sitting, a broken down bus, a full bus, a bus that we actually got on, and finally a car that blew it's transmission pulling out of the parking garage, we are home.

I am dealing with the car disaster (or attempting to) right now, so getting back to work is going slowly. Apologies to all who are patiently waiting!

And no, as usual, I did not take any pictures on our trip, but here's a quick wrapup:
-10-12 hours of sweet singletrack riding at Hawley, Earl's, Kingdom Trails, and Millstone Hill (in Barre - that place is rad now!). My short-stay 6" 29er dualie actually was pretty perfect for the trails we were on - as long as I had the Talas cranked down to 95mm travel in front (and corresponding 70.5-71 HTA rather than the usual 69).
-15 or so hours of great dirt road riding around Caspian Lake in VT.
-An awful lot of kayaking. My arms are like noodles.
-A few nice dirt road runs.
-At least 3 beers a night, each, if not 4. Even with all that exercise, I bet I gained a pound or two!

So, a great trip slightly marred by our less than stellar trip back to Boulder. I am working through emails and such when I have time in between working on the car.

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Kevin said...

Can you recommend any places in particular to stay in VT? I am going up there late August to hopefully hit some of those trails.