Friday, June 17, 2011

Matt is going to kill me...

...but I *still* have not gotten around to taking pictures of his front triangle.

Instead, here is the weird project of the week. A fork for a Cannondale headshock assembly. It'll be finish machined by some NASA geeks (no joke!) and then cryofit onto the steerer.

Man, that thing looks weird to me. And I'm not used to welding .120" tubing - I had to crank the welder up to an astounding (for me) 80 amps!


Anonymous said...

Walt, you must get some sick pleasure from this torture!!! It's not fun being Matt right now - I need a beer.

Fort James said...


Is the Action Tec/WW project dead now?

a limp-node reader said...

Once I punched a horses buttocks!

It was also astounding, to me.