Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Eszter wins!

Ok, the race was, kinda, sorta, not actually sanctioned/approved/legal (no, I wasn't there). So this race report is about the post-race/post-party derby:

Hi Walt,
Figured I'd write up a race report, maybe I'd be cool enough to make
it on your blog. Maybe not. Either way, I won the SSUSA foot-down
bike derby, so I got a sweet weight belt, which apparently I now will
be needing to take to Vermont next year to defend. The complete video
of all the action can be seen here, complements of Chris' phone.

I've attached a picture of the derby-winning pony.



Anonymous said...

Waltworks singlespeeds rule. Not sure about white though?

The Ginger Pirate said...

White is Right!

Dave said...

Cool! So Eszter is wicked fast and wicked slow and equally bad ass doing either. :)