Wednesday, May 04, 2011

2012 Fox and 12 hours of Mesa Verde

Quick announcement - 2012 Fox stuff is now (in theory) available with your complete bike purchase. In practice, I'm guessing they'll be playing catch-up on demand for a few months, so as usual, if you're thinking of getting one of these bad boys, let me know in advance if you can. Prices are up about 15% from last year (bummer) but there are some features that should make people happy:
-Available OEM in black!
-Kashima on pretty much everything.

So you're getting *something* for that extra $100 or so.

In other news, I will be gone from Friday morning until Monday night for the 12 hours of Mesa Verde. McCalla, Fuentes, and I will contest the 4-man open division (yes, with only 3 people - we all get to ride more that way, though I'm not sure how we'll feel about that at about 4pm on Saturday). I will have my phone, but no access to email, so save your pressing questions for Tuesday if you can. I'll try to remember to take some pictures, but I generally suck at that, so no promises.

The race has been very competitive in the past (a team consisting of John Tomac, Travis Brown, Dave Wiens, and Daryl Price raced last year... and DID NOT WIN) so our ambitions are tempered by the knowledge that only McCalla (12th at Whiskey50 with a flat) is in any kind of shape.

If I'm in a good mood next week, maybe I will tell the hilarious story of Fuentes and I at the 2003 12 hours of Keystone, at which I met my future wife, literally had to beg for food, was interviewed by a radio station, and made less than minimum wage for 12 hours of horrible suffering.

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