Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick shot of Greg's bike

Ok, the bike is not the main attraction here - the cool graffiti is. Neat stuff in NYC somewhere, in the midst of an urban assault ride.


Anonymous said...

Actually, your awesome bike is the centerpiece of what Jane Jacobs referred to as "the sidewalk ballet". The graffiti a mere passing fancy along the industrial coastline. If you were to turn completely around from the current photo, you'd be looking at the Eastside of Manhattan. I took a ride over to Astoria Park along the East River, via the Brooklyn Bridge, through Greenpoint, into Long Island City and finally to the beautiful wall of graffiti just opposite the Socrates Sculpture Park. A fun ride made even more enjoyable by your custom build.

Anonymous said...

From the Colorado peaks to the NYC urban jungle, Waltworks takes you there. Kinda catchy. I like riding your bikes as much in the cities as taking them off road. That sounds like a cool ride around NYC. I tried to zoom in on the bike, but couldn't see too clearly. What's the setup? I'm interested in any changes made for an urban setting.


Anonymous said...


I'm happy to see that you found another venue to resurface other than Al Jazeera. Walworks blog is a safe space. The only changes I made to the setup Walt built was to place Jeff Jones original H-Bars, with an 80mm stem & setback seatpost on the beauty. It is a super nice ride. I don't really know if I'd label it is an urban set up, but it rides well on & off road. Anyhow, I'd imagine that it'd handle nicely in either North Waziristan or the Swat Valley. Forward Walt your contact info and I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help you get on a bike.