Wednesday, April 06, 2011

James' new ride

CX bike, sliders, the works. Silly, silly rotor cranks!

Apparently James is trying to wheeze on my gig with his identical garage door.

Edit: by popular request, some basic dimensions:
Head tube: 150mm at 71 degrees (fork rake is 48mm, trail is roughly 68mm with 35c tires)
Seat tube: 56cm (to top) at 73 degrees
Toptube: 55cm effective, 8 degree slope
BB drop: 70mm
Chainstays: 43-45cm (min/max range of sliders)

The frame is built for 40c tire clearance and racks for nasty weather if needed. For all-around riding as well as hitting the dirt, of course.


MIClyde said...

silly or 'sick'....pool or pond, whatever. I want one.

Anonymous said...

Ooh la-la.

Congrats to James and great job Walt.

That's nailed what I'd personally look for in a CX bike.

Dimensions? (yeah, I realize they're all custom, but just trying to make sense of the proportions in the pic).

Anonymous said...

very close to what I am thinking....maybe lose the slider. love the panel Waltworks decal...Andy

Fort James said...

That is not at all what we talked about . . . oh, James M. ; )

minh said...

man, the proportions are perfect.
why the top tube routing for the deraillers?

minh said...

oh nevermind. it's a cx bike. ignore my lack of attention to detail. the fine proportions was all i could see.