Friday, April 29, 2011

Demo bikes

I got a question recently about whether or not Waltworks bikes are available to demo - and believe it or not, the answer is yes.

The caveats, of course, are several:
-You gotta come pick up the bike from me in person in Boulder.
-You have to make arrangements with me in advance, and return the bike on time.
-All of the bikes available belong to me, so if I'm using one - you're out of luck.

That said, here's what's available:

-29er hardtail with 69 degree HTA, 73 STA, 41.5cm chainstays, and a 23.4" effective toptube. It's usually set up as a 1x or singlespeed, with a 100mm travel fox fork. Fine for anyone up to 200#.

-29er freeride/trail bike with 68.5 HTA, 73 STA, 43cm chainstays, and 23.2" effective toptube. 6" travel in the rear, 5" in front. 1x9 (soon to be 10, if SRAM ever makes a gripshifter) setup, so you'll need some legs on you to get up the hills around here. If you're under 250#, you're good to go on this one.

-29er full suspension XC bike with 70.5 HTA, 73 STA, 43cm chainstays, and 22.6" effective toptube (and 28" standover). 100mm travel front and rear. This one's only ok for folks under 160#, though. Set up as a 2x9.

-Track bike with 54cm effective toptube, 74/74 angles. Only available at Boulder Indoor Cycling, for folks who are track-certified.

Don't see anything that fits/interests you? Sorry, that's what's available.

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