Wednesday, March 02, 2011


King comes through (finally!) Yup, a 44mm standard taper headset. Great stuff!


inthewoods said...

Is this using the new tapered/split washer (GripLock) in the top bearing?

I've been pretty happy with my Cane Creek 44mm taper setup. Dead silent and smooth. While my 1-1/8th 29ers with Chris King all seem to have the dreaded creak.

Are you just happy to have options or is there something about the Chris King taper availability that you find superior to the Cane Creek?

Walt said...

Mostly just happy to have options. When it was just Cane Creek, I was always paranoid that they'd stop making headsets for the 44mm standard.

Also, many of my customers want King headsets, so this is a nice way to provide that and a tapered steerer setup.

The new split ring Kings are supposedly creak-free, btw. For what it's worth, I've never had any problem with the non-splitring ones, but I know many people have.

Walt said...

Oh, and yes, this 44mm one uses the split washer. I think that is standard on all King headsets now.