Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend recipe: Pineapple Curry

This one is amazingly easy. And awesomely good.
-Cook up a couple of cups of quinoa or rice, your call. While that's cooking...
-Throw all of the following in a saucepan and simmer:
1 can coconut milk
1/2 can water
1/4c red curry paste (I like the Mae Ploy)
3 tbsp fish sauce
1/4c sugar
1 can pineapple chunks with the juice
1 diced onion
any veggies you want
some tofu, seitan, or chicken

-Simmer everything until the rice/quinoa is done, and eat!

1 comment:

aaron w said...

for this build you could shave a few grams if you eliminate the fish sauce, which is gross