Friday, March 11, 2011

A great editorial - more bike access for Boulder!

I will be harassing you guys (I know, many of you don't live in Boulder, I'm sorry, just ignore all this) about the upcoming city council meeting to discuss the final West TSA decisions regarding (among other things) bike access.

Couple of links:
-A great editorial by local HS mountain biker Adam Sklar.
-BMA's main West TSA page.

From the BMA:

If you make one meeting all year, this is the one.

This is likely to be the most important access meeting in our 20 year history.

On March 15th, City Council meets to make a final decision on the West Trail Study Area (West TSA). Boulder Mountainbike Alliance has spent the last 2 years (and then some!) advocating for equitable and reasonable access to this community resource.
Where: Boulder High School

1604 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO 80302
(link to google maps)
When: Tuesday, March 15th, 5pm until Late (come early if you can so you can speak)

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