Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David's WW/Rohloff

Rohloff hubs are cool. I am just to cheap to ever own one, probably. Thanks to David for the pics!


Mike said...

is that a carbon fork? looks like the niner fork. do steel and carbon get along? nice looking set up. WW with a Rohloff is on my list.

Anonymous said...

I agree they are neat, but that rear hub weighs as much as my whole 29er wheelset.

Anonymous said...

Why are the rear drop outs pointed downward?

Nick said...

What do you mean about the dropouts pointed downward? The dropout is made specifically for that hub.

Very cool, subtle, bike. I like it.

I think he's got the slider's thumbie on backwards though...may start digging into the paint that way.

Walt said...

Weightweenie anon - yes, the Rohloff hub is way heavier than a normal rear hub - the hub, shifter, and cables are about 1800g.

But you don't need:
-Front and rear shifters: 250g
-Front derailleur: 150g
-Rear derailleur: 200g
-Cassette: 250-300g
-Extra chain links: 50g
-Cables/housing: 50g
-Conventional rear hub: 250-300g

Even with pretty nice parts, you're only saving about a pound with the conventional drivetrain... not a big deal, at least to me. But obviously opinions vary.

Nicknoxx said...

That look really nice. I notice you've cable-tied the Rohloff cables to the brake hoses which makes them look much tidier. Does it affect the shifting with such tight bends? As an aside, I'm very disappointed that Rohloff didn't make the cables leave the new shifter in the direction of the bars instead of perpendicular to them.
Here's a pic of my custom Rohloff with your forks:-

Nicknoxx said...

And here's a pic of the rear dropout

Anonymous said...

I meant the slider portion looks like it's pointed downward. Not the actual dropout.

MIClyde said...

I might have those thumbies on backwards - I was new to them.

It's a huge bike - XXL sized, with heavy tires, heavy handlebar, and weighs in at 25.5lbs - how is that a significant weight penalty? This thing rocks. It's covered in dirt road mud right now. Walt frames rule