Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Barry's frame, and learning a lesson

Here's Barry's frame, in all it's glory. Such as it is. Probably more glorious to ride than look at - at least I hope so.

In any case, for those of you who have no lives and look at the waitlist every day, you'll note that Barry's frame has been back from the powdercoater and sitting in my shop (sobbing quietly to itself) for more than 2 weeks.

This is because Fox is popular, and I wasn't on the ball, basically. Fox has been running ~2 weeks out on getting small fork orders out forever, so my modus operandi has been to order the fork when the bike is ready to go to the powdercoater - everything shows up around the same time, I ship it out, all is well.

But Fox is running WAY further behind than that right now, apparently, and that system isn't working out for Barry (or several other folks) who are waiting on Fox forks.

As such, if you want a Fox fork, PLEASE let me know in advance (as far in advance as you can) and I will bill you and order the fork. If it has to sit in the shop for a few months, fine. Better than this endless waiting!


joel said...

how'd you know I look at the waitlist everyday???

Anonymous said...

What are the rear dropouts..sliders w/ tensioners or locknuts?

Curious because at some point I want a SS/geared compatible frame without having to resort to an EBB.


Walt said...

Hi Mike -

They are Paragon sliders with tension screws mounted. I personally do not use the tension screws (or didn't when I had a bike with sliders) but many people do use them, so I always install them when shipping frames out.


Barry Bell said...

I would have rather made the blog any other way!
Seriously, thanks for being so gracious as your suppliers work through their popularity surges. I can't wait to ride this bike.