Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This afternoon, I get a phone call. "____ bike shop in town referred me to you."

Ok, what's up?

"I need a really long seat thing."


"Yeah. It needs to be 20 inches long."

Quick calculating in head... wow, 500mm? What kind of bike is it, a folder?

"Mountain bike."

?!??!? Really?

"It's a Mongoose. Anyway, it needs a 20 inch seatpost. Maybe longer."

Dude, your bike does not fit. You need a different bike.



"No, seriously, I need a 20 inch much would it cost"



LeeAB said...

Maybe he wants to be able to use it to pummel a small animal while he is out riding.....

I am said...

Ouch, my brain. . . and faith in humanity!

Anonymous said...

So, why not turn down a piece of solid bar stock so he can put a set of "seat guts" on it? This is also a perfect chance to sell a 300mm stem!

Walt said...

Anon, you make a good point...I could have made out like a bandit making $500 worth of custom junk for a $50 bike!

I'm actually mostly confused about why the shop guys didn't just tell him this, instead of telling him to call me and ask for a custom seatpost, of all things. Weird.

Jonathan Stanley said...

Maybe they have a really long inseam with very short torso? Maybe they ride with platform boots? Who knows! :D