Friday, December 17, 2010

White Elephant!

I got some seriously weird looks on the 30 minute ride to the party, but it was worth it. Best. White Elephant. Ever.


taryn said...

Um, where have you been hiding that? And what did you get in return?

Walt said...

We received in return (Sarah brought a stuffed/mounted corduroy fish with plaid fins):
-1 copy, pirated, of "Borat"
-1 cigarette lighter splitter for a car (yes, so you can light your cigarette while keeping your car phone plugged in!)
-A can of "mixed nuts" which is almost entirely peanuts.
-A 2011 (current!) "Spirit Horses" calendar.

I think we did pretty well.

Next up: Ugly sweater party!

LeeAB said...

That is painful even for you Walt.

Carney said...

The only way to top that is to get that exact same print made into a t-shirt!

Manicmtbr said...

Ugly sweater party is the best.time.ever!

Brian Andrew Fuentes said...

I waunt thaat!

Carolynn said...

so awesome. is it true you had that on your wall in college?