Saturday, December 11, 2010

Completely random Saturday ramblings

First off, I'm quite pleased with my track session this afternoon. I rode a 9.1 second flying lap (my fastest ever), I managed to do 5 consecutive sub-10 second laps (never done that before), I did a 1:19.6 flying Kilo, and I traded pulls with Clark Sheehan (7-up, USPS, national champ many times on the track) for a while without looking like a total tool or completely blowing up. Not sure Clark was really trying too hard, though!

Ok, so that's boring. Here's something else that you'll regret having wasted time reading when you're on your deathbed: I really like this comic (both XKCD in general and the specific one in the link). Does anyone else out there spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to sit and/or convince other people to sit at parties, or worry about what angle to put couches at to maximize fun conversation for different numbers of people?

I try to talk about this with my friends occasionally, and they start to glaze over after about 10 seconds. So probably not.


ekr said...

we set up our apartment to maximize conversation. it works.
most people set up their homes to maximize the tv watching.
we dont watch tv.
when people come over, its pretty chill, even if there are a lot of people, it works.
our whole home is set up like this.
you can cook in the kitchen and still talk to the entire party.
i dont think anyone else realizes how important it is to set up your frickin chairs.

Walt said...

Ok, so I'm not unique. I LOVE to be able to talk to guests/family while I cook, so our kitchen is set up well, but our living area is, in general, much too long and narrow to work out very well. I am still trying to figure out how to best compensate.

We don't have a TV either, for what it's worth. I'm guessing a lot of the kind of huge geeks that think about these things don't.

Hassan said...

Wait, are you trying to tell me that thought went into where you 'placed' you love seat and couch?

NickS said...

I'm sorry Walt.... I must have spaced out for a second.
Were you saying something?

Reid said...

I always think about that stuff. Of course, I study social computing, so maybe it's not a surprise.

We do have a TV, but it's sequestered in a spare bedroom. I can't imagine having a TV in the living room or other central space.

Corey said...

So do you think about stuff like this too?

Anonymous said...

we have a tv in the living room but when entertaining, everyone hangs in the kitchen. the tv stays in a cabinet. as far as comics go, i like
xkcd pops up there frequently.

taryn said...

Easy choice at my place: couch or floor (or foam roller, if you're so inclined). I prefer thinking about other possibilities...