Friday, November 05, 2010

Nowork track part 2

Well, did an intense hour on the track with Nowork (he took the picture) today. He seems to like the new bike quite well - nice and stable on the straights, dives into corners nicely, etc. Then again, he did most of the design work himself, so if he hadn't liked it - tough cookies!

The track was deserted. We've had a really warm fall and it's not helping their business. I really hope they survive... it's a great resource for cyclists around here to have.

Also, I'm announcing my official goal for the winter (remember the 200 pound bench press?) - this year I'm doing a 1:20 Kilo. For real. As of now, my best time (which I tied today) is 1:27. 7 seconds is a lot.

Yes, I know. I suck really badly. And my "goal" time is still shockingly mediocre. What can I say? I sit 8 feet in the air and weigh 145 freakin pounds.

I haven't decided if I'll allow equipment modifications (aerobars? aero wheels? skinsuit with vaseline rubbed all over it?) but since I really suck, I probably won't spend any actual money on this goal, just effort. We'll see if I can do it...

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Mike said...

my goal for 2011 is a 1min 19sec kilo. Beers to the winner! sharp track bike btw.