Monday, November 08, 2010

New track fork

Today was probably the last nice day of the fall, so I caught a quick ride at Marshall with Wu, did some work on Eric's new cross bike, and slapped together a new track fork for myself out of scrap tubing I had sitting around - some cool .049" streamline tubing, a steerer that had a kinda short butt, and some random 1/4" plate (the dropouts, which kinda suck). The only part that actually cost money was the crown race. Cool.

I would do a lot of things differently if I was doing it again (mostly use better materials), but this should be a good replacement for my crappy unicrown, which has way too much rake (43mm). This is 34mm, much better - trail will be back up the low 60s, where it should be. I'll have to re-learn how to corner, of course. The streamline tubing should be good for like, at least 5 seconds off my kilo time... yeah, right. For the curious, the fork is about 900 grams with an 11" steerer. Nice and heavy, not that it'll matter on the track.

Weather's supposed to suck tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a chance to try her out with Nowork at the track.

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