Monday, October 18, 2010

In the wild

Thanks to Brad for the pictures. I would actually say he looks less silly than I did on Marcus' 36er - but not by much.


Dan O said...

Man - that is just Crazy Town.

Anonymous said...

Thats a work of art Walt. I do love a good 36er and that one appears to be a cracker.

Brad said...

Look ma! I'm famous! I'm on the world wide interweb thingy! Wife and I will get out for some proper photos later once she's recovered enough for a longer trail run, these were impromptu with the lens we had on hand.

Luis G. said...


Rody said...

Who woulda thunk that knee overlap would ever have become a concern with bicycle design :)

Looks fun...congrats Brad and Walt.


Thurston B. Howell III said...

"Knee overlap," rightfully said Rody.

That bicycle looks like ridiculous fun, thought I would love to a see a video of some leaf turning action.

Also, a shot of the bike loaded for transport would be quite interesting as well.

BTW what color and code was that, it's gorgeous.