Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fresh tracks

We tried to steal a "last Ned ride" (typically this is a joke, since there are 10 or so "last" rides before the snow actually falls) today - and succeeded.

I finally built up (post about it tomorrow) my new singlespeed with the silly short 16.5" chainstays, and I have to say... I was sliding all over the trail! Barely in control the whole time! I'd try to stand up and put some power down and the rear wheel would just slide out - it was awful! Sometimes I rode right off the trail and didn't even realize it...

Of course, there was 4 or 5 inches of snow.

Pictures of the bike and a brief ride report tomorrow after I ride some dry trails on it. I can already say I wish I'd built it for 100mm travel instead of 80. Doh. But it's darn fun anyway.


Anonymous said...


When you state 16.5", is that with sliders? More accurately inquired, what is the effective CS?

Also, in hindsight, what is you recommendation for CS length? (XC and Trail)

Walt said...

Anon -

The effective CS length with sliders all the way forward (which, due to luck with the chain, they basically are) is 416mm, or about 16.4".

I do not have a hard and fast recommendation for chainstay length, it depends on the rider, terrain, and equipment (gears, no gears, etc) being used.

Heck, I don't even know if I like this bike yet - it's only been ridden in snow, which isn't exactly a normal situation for me.

Mike said...

if it has already been discussed, please post the link, otherwise. . . chainstay length: how much of a difference does a few cms make? you steer with the front wheel, so how much feel and handling difference is there?
great shot of you and pele btw.

Walt said...

Mike -

I'll try to touch on this in my post today. It matters, though in the range we're talking about, not as much as some people think.

Jonathan said...

Have you ever built a snow bike like a Pugsley? They're fun even when the trails are clean. Can't wait to read you comments on the new singlespeed...

Barry Bell said...

I'm really interested in what you have to say about the BC swingers. I can't wait for the pics, but am more concerned with how you feel they compare to Paragons after a few rides.