Thursday, October 07, 2010

24 hours of Moab and what's up next

For those who have way too much time on their hands, and for some reason want to follow the race, we are the "NM All-Stars". I believe Granny Gear will have some real-time race standings available, I believe here.

For those not in the know, our initial goal was to *win* this race outright (and I suppose it still is), because it's most likely the least competitive (most years) national championship category that exists - by this time of year, almost all the serious pros are taking time off or racing cyclocross (or going to 24 hour worlds, which is also this weekend - go Eszter!). Those who are still racing can choose from solo, duo, and mixed categories.

We thought, with a team of all 4 pros (though my pro status is pretty dubious at this point) we'd have an easy time beating a field of what are usually mostly expert teams.

So much for that. We're facing a Trek/Honey Stinger team that includes Jay Henry, Ross Schnell, Len Zanni, and Kip Biese. They are all wicked fast. Ethan Passant and his CB crew are also coming. They will be ripping it up.

In theory, we might plausibly match up with either team, but our odds of pulling on stars and stripes jerseys are now reduced to around, I'd say, 10%, at best. We'll do our best. My original goals - don't get hurt, don't embarrass myself - still apply.

If there's internet at the race, I'll try to post a few updates as the day/night progresses.

Next week I'll hopefully have some pictures of a new 6" travel 29" wheel full suspension frame I'm building for myself to replace my DHL-smashed current ride (which I'll race in Moab, btw). It has some interesting features and should be worth the attention of all you bike nerds.

I'll also hopefully finish up a few things (Wolfgang, your dynamo is finally here) and get some solid work in, now that I'm done "training" for Moab. Time to do some work, ride on the weekends, and start hitting the gym to get back in climbing shape. Season's coming to an end...


Brad said...

I'd wish you good luck, but luck is for those who haven't trained. Go kick some tail!

the technIAn said...

Good luck for sure. Don't discount anything or anyone at the 24 at Moab. Also what ever came of your single speed? Did I miss something? Sorry if I did. Post some pics if I didn't!

MIClyde said...

looks like you guys did awesome! Way to represent out there. Must have been a blast to be battling like that. Nice work. relax, have a coldie!