Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random discombobulation

This post has no theme. None. You've been warned.

-First up, for all the framebuilders (amateur or pro) out there - I'm offering a service for those folks who don't want to spend big $ on lots of tooling for the new 44mm headtube standard. See details here.

-Rode the lower loop at Marshall Mesa (made famous by Paco during his Velonews 29er test) in 11:55 during 94 degree heat yesterday. I was pretty happy with that, given that I haven't been riding enough, all the gates were closed, and that I was carrying a 15 pound camelbak. But when I got home, my entire upper body was starting to flush - I had to jump in a cold shower to avoid heatstroke. Maybe I should have actually drunk some of the water in that camelbak...doh.

-Got an unexpected (sort of) compliment from a customer who stopped by to have me add a disc tab to his old Kona. He said "I thought you were older". When pressed, he claimed he formed this impression based on my blog entries. Do I really write like a grumpy 65 year old? I don't think so, but I guess maybe unless you use texting talk all the time, U R old thz daz.


Luis G. said...

Are you not 65 years old? weird...

Anonymous said...

Hey Walt-
this is Rsteve here
I have a question for you
email me at lipton_stephen@hotmail.com

cool runnings

a ninja star sweatshop said...

No, you are merely experienced, and your writing does not express much frivolity. You come across as a straight shooter in other words, or rather in the words you choose. To your credit, you seem more Jean-Luc than Hikaru. I'm not sure what that means, but you'll find meaning in it.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are younger than I thought. Mostly because you have above average reading comprehension. You are detail oriented. Not to mention you are educated, organized and appreciate the ability to effectively communicate with the written language. This is something people under 35-40 appreciate or understand. Especially in the context of the interweb... I suppose you really do reap what you sow.

Walt said...

I love Star Trek: TNG!

Anonymous said...

In late June, I stopped over in Boulder during a family vacation. Thought of calling you to see if I could buy you a beer for fixing my frame earlier this summer. I figured you were too grumpy to take the call. :p

James in Austin