Thursday, July 01, 2010


As usual, I did not take any pictures. You can see some of what we did at Gooneyriders, though. Congratulations to Chris and Eszter, and best of luck on all your adventures in Crested Butte!

The hit list:
-Colorado Trail at Cottonwood Pass
-Upper/Upper Upper/Tony's/sit around in town/Snodgrass/back to Upper and Tony's (Wedding ride!)
-Deer Creek
-CO Trail off Tiger road in Breck

Anyway, I'm back to work, and I think I'm even caught up on email.

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inthewoods said...

I half expected to see you in CB. We rode a lot of the same trails. The WW has been riding great. Definitely a bit slack for climbing Deer Creek and Deadman, but super fun on the way down!

Did you ride the ridge down from Gunsite? We only climbed up the switchbacks above the waterfall to 10,000ft and then turned around instead of going up to the ridge.

The 24 hour townie race was cool.