Thursday, June 17, 2010

Early baby shower present

A friend of mine is very, very pregnant at this point, but she's a tough cookie and still riding her bike to and from work (12 miles!) Unfortunately, she was less and less comfortable (and didn't feel safe with her crappy/broken threaded headset and v-brake on the front).

Solution? Take some new-to-her parts from the stuff Tony recently gave me (thanks, man!) and build her a nice solid fork with a disc mount (and a LOOONG steerer!) We'll get it powdercoated when the baby comes and she's not riding for a while.

She writes:
Hi Walt,
Thanks so much for the beautiful new fork and cranks and other bits you may have donated for my commuter bike. We didn't cut the steerer and it is perfect! Pretty sure I will be able to keep riding in comfort for the rest of the summer now. Thanks so much again, and hope you guys are having some fun.

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